Sunday, October 28, 2012

Epic Video Game Rap - "Real Hardcore OGs (Original Gamer's)"!!

Something's been bothering me for a couple of years now - gamers.  Especially the people who proudly go around calling themselves "Hardcore Gamers."  The thing is, I used to call myself a "hardcore gamer" - but the term is so confused now.  What was bothering me was that this term that I thought applied to myself had morphed into something that in many ways did not describe me.  A "hardcore" gamer, or at least a gamer likely to call themself "hardcore" is nowadays primarily a fan of gritty, bloody shooters.  Call of Duty, Gears of War, Halo.  It is the content of the games they play that make the games "hardcore" and make them "hardcore" gamers.  It used to be almost the opposite - a hardcore gamer was the guy who imported obscure Japanese platformers.  We were playing Samurai Showdown because of the great gameplay while the more "casual" (to borrow modern parlance) gamers were playing Mortal Kombat because "OMG you can punch the dudes head off!"

Anyway, this is all preface to explain how I came to have a 9 minute rap song about being an old school gamer (an OG (Original Gamer) as I call it in the song).  One day some troll on IGN got to me - I know!  Weakness on  my part!  I can't remember who it was or what they even said now, but at the time I was really annoyed.  I had just been listening to the song "Hit 'Em Up," the legendary Tupac diss track that is so vicious that many people at the time believed Biggie had had him murdered over it.  I thought, "Somebody needs to make a song like that about these twerps that thing they're so "hardcore" but don't actually have a clue what they're talking about!"  And by "somebody" I of course meant "me"!

I wrote and recorded this song a while ago and my plan was to make a proper video for it, but life intervened and the project kept getting delayed and delayed and made only small progress.  Now I'm not sure if I'll ever finish it, but I don't want this song to languish in obscurity on my hard drive any longer, so last night I put together a really simple video (that is a slideshow of my actual game collection, in no particular order) and here it is!



Edit:  I've now uploaded this video to YouTube as well.  It was pointed out to me that a YouTube video might be easier/more convenient for people to share.  I'm putting the link here and I'm also embedding the new video, because it's actually better quality than the one I originally posted (I accidentally over compressed it).  Thanks for your interest people!  Share with your friends!  Let's take it viral!

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