Sunday, May 26, 2013

Insert Coin to Continue

Kachink, Kachink.

That was my 50 cents.  You know what I could stand to be better at?  Managing all the different digital output I create, so that it all ties together in any coherent way.  Case in point: this blog.  I have been very remiss, letting my blog languish without an update for 6 months.  Let me explain how that happened:

First I started writing a couple of lengthy, complex articles.  These articles are still in progress even now.  I bit off a bit more than I could chew though, relative to the time I had to work on them.  Feeling a bit discouraged about that I decided I should start writing shorter, faster paced articles commenting on current events in gaming.  The idea was that these articles could keep the blog from stagnating while I worked on longer, more abstract essays.  Problem is, even that I couldn't do.  I'd start writing on a topic and it would start losing relevancy as days went by, so then I'd try to fold some new events into it to make it all seem a bit more current, and that would delay the article even more and so forth.  Several aborted editorials about current event type topics exist on my hard drive.

Then, unrelated, I decided to start making videos of me playing and discussing some games.  These I posted on YouTube.  These videos are faster to make than the articles I was writing, but even then I had trouble keeping up with just the video output I expected.  The problem is my job and my school were keeping me pretty busy.  I barely had any extra time for the blog or the youtube channel.  Carving out even just a few hours a week for that was difficult.

Hey you know what would have been smart?  Posting the YouTube videos I was making here.  Why didn't I think of that for months?  I have no idea!  But I thought of it a few weeks ago and now I'm getting around to doing it.

Similarly last week I decided to start recording commentary videos to cover my reactions to current gaming events.  Currently these videos are both a bit too long and a bit too low quality, but I'll be trying to improve them over time.  So I'm posting those here too.

This is the backlog of YouTube videos I've made.  I have a couple of written pieces I'm ready to post here as well.  Beyond that, this is what I'm thinking right now for this blog going forward:  I'll continue making videos, both commentary and gameplay, but I will now post those here as soon as they go up.  This should result in a more steady output to this blog.  Additionally I will continue posting lengthier essays/articles here, but those will be relatively infrequent (as they are now).

Anyway, hopefully that explains what's been going on.  Without further ado, here is my YouTube backlog:

Okay so that's that. Now, here are my commentary videos.  Only two so far.  I've had some issues with audio/video syncing that I'm trying to resolve.  For now though, enjoy my radio-ready voice and unrelated but delightful facial movements.

Okay, that does for now!  Until next time.

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